What movie was that...?

09 December 2012

And Just for Good Measure...

Check it out. One of the best videos ever...


directed by Sam Mendes

Holy Hell, Mr Mendes. I was skeptical as all get out to peep the newest Bond installment, especially when I found out you were helming the thing. I was hoping that everyone had learned a valuable lesson after allowing Marc Forster to water down the works in Quantum of Solace, but boy was I fantastically surprised- and proven wrong! Daniel Craig is quickly becoming my favorite Bond, as is the world created by the reboot geniuses responsible for exploding the Bond series and building it back up from fragments. Q is on the case this time around, and superb talent Ben Whishaw is marvelous as the budding technophile responsible for many of Bond’s saving graces. And leave it to Naomi Harris to bring grit and wholesomeness to the timeless Moneypenny character. Ralph Fiennes? Brav-the-fuck-oh, my good man! The film belongs to Javier Bardem (who are we kidding?)  however, and his turn as a seductive and unhinged villain is truly one for the books. Skyfall is a back to basics gem of an action film that relies on performance and story to unveil what modern spectacle always mucks up. May I admit now, that this may be- forgive me- one of my favorite Bond films ever?

08 December 2012

It's finally happening!

For the ones of you who actually read OMFBC, I apologize for the lack of content. I have been busy moving into a new home. I have been watching and enjoying films, and I will hopefully back back online soon. But alas, I digress from my initial intent, which was to pass along this tantalizing gem from filmic mastermind Shane Carruth (of Primer fame). I'm unsure if this film is in any way related to his other enigmatically titled film A Topiary, but I am excited nonetheless. Enjoy!