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19 February 2013

Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins

being directed (as we effing speak!) by Jonathan Keevil

Whatever side of the Baauer/Azealia Banks feud you find yourself, we can all agree on one thing: the newest endeavor in the works by the Coatwolf crew is going to be a batshit delight. As for the aforementioned feud, I am on the “couldn’t give less of a shit” side (though I still kind of want to make a Harlem Shake video of my own), but Jonathan Keevil (who scored Coatwolf’s Bellflower) has me hook line and sinker with his madcap throwback action flick called Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins. Some of the movie has already been filmed, and recently Coatwolf made a video meant to kick off a kind of telethon from hell, to fund the remaining chunks of Chuck Hank that needed proper bread to make them truly righteous (the massive action set pieces). The film’s premise is tried and tested, an Oldtown turf war stretching back generations is threaten when the sister of the San Diego Twins is kidnapped by an evil organization called The Syndicate. Together with their friend Chuck Hank, the San Diego Twins decide it’s time to finish it once and for all, with an all out atomic rumble. Think Double Dragon meets Sam Peckinpah by way of a cranked up fever dream. Judging from the taste footage found in the crowd funding video, I’m anticipating a shit ton of neon, chain weapons, Mohawks and Road Warrioresque getups. And copious, copious amounts of nuclear grade ass kickery that threatens to singe off your facial hairs. I kicked in 500 bones to help the Coatwolf cause, and I am glad to say that as of now, Coatwolf has reached their goal! They are still taking donations, and the more dough they can muster, the more out of control awesome Chuck Hank is going to be. The Coatwolf collective is an extremely exciting and talented group of filmmakers dedicated to rebel filmmaking much like Monte Hellman and George A Romero were in the indie film heyday, and I am stoked to follow them every step of the way. If anyone is interested, here is an interview I had the good fortune of being able to do with OG Coatwolf genius, Evan Glodell. 

Film lovers, we have to work together to ensure that wild dreams like Chuck Hank can still come true, that magic can be made outside of the dreaded Hollywood system. Kick in if you're into it. If there's one group of wild ones who won't let you down, it's the Coatwolf cats. 

To wet your whistle, watch the crowd funding video for Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins (below).

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