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31 May 2013

The Hangover Part III

directed by Todd Phillips

Defying all logic, against all odds, Todd Phillips and dud factory Craig Mazin have managed to craft a surprisingly mediocre third film to round out a trilogy that once had so much potential. And thankfully Phillips and Mazin didn’t attempt the same ploy of starting the film at the end this time (something that proved disastrous for Part II). Part III finds the group staging an intervention for family nutjob Alan (Galifianakis in top form), off his meds and reeling from Daddy’s death. On the way to the treatment facility, a pissed off gangster named Marshall (John Goodman is great) abducts the 4, demands they locate Leslie Chow, and takes poor Justin Bartha hostage (I thought he’d get at least a little more screen time). Back to being a trio, the men are tasked with tracking down Mr Chow to save their own asses. Ken Jeong is very funny as Chow, as is the hilarious bit featuring the excellent Melissa McCarthy. Phillips employs a tried and true technique of playing on the nostalgia of the first film, from the funny Vegas sequence to Alan’s unnatural obsession with Phil. Truth be told, I actually laughed out loud during the scene when Alan and Chow suggest that Phil wield a sledgehammer with his shirt off (mainly due to Bradley Cooper’s spot on reactions in that scene and throughout the film). It’s not a classic, but there could have been far worse ways to retire the wolf pack.

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