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03 June 2013

Fast and Furious 6

directed by Justin Lin

Somehow, perhaps by sheer tenacity and persistence, the Fast & Furious (and all its titled permutations) franchise has driven its way into my heart. I don’t love the movies, and I certainly don’t own them, but I will watch the hell out of them marathon-style if they crop up on TV. And as of late (meaning, for both 5 and 6), I’m back to actually checking them out at whilst they are in theatres (which hasn’t happened since the inaugural voyage of O’Conner v. Toretto). I’ll give the series credit for 2 things:

1) Going back to real life, high octane, (mostly) CGI-less car chases/wrecks/stunts. Computer effects heavy action was something that really weakened a less than stellar series throughout its lagging midsection.

2) The screenwriters trying their damnedest to maintain continuity rather than scrap the mythology (á la Spiderman, The Hulk, Superman) and restart with fresh adventures/characters. It doesn’t mean they do a crack job of it, but I give them credit for trying. 

Fast 6 finds the crew getting back together, this time to aid Federal badass Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) as he tracks a group of international baddies. Said baddies are looking to steal components that can make some sort of internet blocker for a whole country, which would be a total bummer (I jest, but the movie spends about as much time on it as I just did so who cares). The price for Toretto and his crew helping Hobbs take them down? Full pardons, yo! It’s all convenient plot devices assembled specifically to service a high action plot, and I say there ain’t nothing wrong with that. I didn't buy a ticket for Fast 6 thinking the series was suddenly going to turn into Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. There were some ridiculous moments, and some really ridiculous moments, and several moments that coaxed an audible guffaw from my incredulous lips, but it was a great example of summertime razzle dazzle that satisfied my craving for a little mindless action. What’s not to like? The meat and potatoes action sequences were stellar, and I’ll definitely be buying a ticket for Fast 7, even though bulk of the franchise director Justin Lin is exiting the scene (tear, sniffle). 

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