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22 July 2013

This Is the End

directed by Seth Rogan & Evan Goldberg

Check your brain at the door, ye who seek out the laughs found in the latest Goldberg/Rogan comedy This Is the End, for there be (among other things) all manner of end timey tropes transformed into the kind of stupid, uncomfortable hilarity we’ve come to know and love from the duo. That is in no small part thanks to the spectacular ensemble of contemporary comedic all stars, from the underrated and underused (in film in general, that is) Jay Baruchel to the iconoclastic asshole incarnate Danny McBride. I’m sure Mr McBride is a perfect gentleman in real life, but he takes the concept of the prick to such astonishing heights at every pass (from All the Real Girls to The Foot Fist Way to Pineapple Express), and This Is the End finds him top form with an entrance into the film that is one of my favorite all time reveals. But let’s back up- the films finds all the cast playing themselves, focusing on the now strained friendship betwixt Jay and Seth. Jay is on the west coast visiting Seth, and the pair decide (at Seth’s bidding) to attend a party at James Franco’s house. That’s when all hell literally breaks loose. You’ve all seen the trailers, but James Franco and Danny McBride alone are almost worth the price of admission. It is no classic, but it was a helluva of a fun way to power down the old noodle for 2 hours.

And PS, go see Goon already, all you Baruchel fans. And all you hockey fans. And all you fans of kickass comedy.

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