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13 August 2013

The Heat

directed by Paul Feig

Paul Feig struck cinematic oil with Bridesmaids, a hilarious ensemble comedy so good that it made another summertime wedding-esque comedy sequel (that came out just a few weeks later) seem like even more of a disaster by comparison (even though it was crap to begin with). Following up with The Heat is about the best move one could make, and bringing Melissa McCarthy along for the ride is perfection. The Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy duo is comedic gold, and the two have so much chemistry it would impress Walter White (see what I did there?). I’m a little late to the dance on this, but I did see it right when it came out. It’s rare for my wife and me to enjoy a movie almost equally, but The Heat had all the right magic. If only Ms B could stay away from schlock like The Blind Side (ugh) or The Proposal (double ugh) she would be one of the greats. Duds aside, Sandra B is reliably excellent as the straight woman to McCarthy’s also reliably excellent, hilariously unhinged Riggs-esque character. It’s a great time to be had, and I will never pass up a quality opportunity to watch such talented women boss up and show the men how it’s done. 

Take notes, fellas.

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