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17 September 2013

The World's End

directed by Edgar Wright

It’s a fitting send off for the hilarious Cornetto Trilogy: the story of five friends getting back together to sift through life’s trials whilst hacking their way through The Golden Mile, a twelve pub crawl wending a path through their sleepy suburban town. But (of course) things are not what they seem, and as the men guzzle brew from pub to pub, a strange menace seeks to strike them down. The World’s End is often hilarious, frequently badass, and Edgar Wright has shown that he clearly knows how to blend comedy and action (both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz illustrate this brilliantly). But where the first two Cornetto films shine most is in the blending of the trifecta: comedy, action and drama. I don’t mean to say that Shaun of the Dead is dramatic in any Speilbergian sense, but the scene in the jaguar where Bill Nighy tells Simon Pegg that he just wanted Pegg to grow into a good man is a touching and effective scene amid a barrage of hilarious horror action, touching because it is well written, well acted and well blended into the narrative. In The World’s End, these types of scenes are somewhat forced, bulky scenes that slow the movie down in their attempt to shoehorn a bit of dramatic weight into the plot. The scene between Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in The World’s End (the pub proper) is a prime example, as is the parlor scene that follows it. It may have its problems, but I won’t begrudge Mr W for it, especially when the rest of the movie is such a bloody- pardon me- inky good time.

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