What movie was that...?

24 June 2017

I'm baaaack

I crunched the numbers and it looks like..yep..yeah..it's been one million years since my last post. For that, I apologize to the zeroes of people who check this blog. But I have some great news! An amazing thing happened last year/this year: my brother and I made a danged movie! It's called Kid Brother and it's a no-budget feature film due out this Fall. We are very excited, and hopefully this (along with our @kidbrothermovie Twitter account) will be a good place to deliver updates and keep track of the film's post production process. It has been a dream come true, and with a little luck this will be a project that helps put us in a position to make the films we truly want to make. Check out the trailer below, and stayed tuned for more updates!