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04 August 2017

Kid Brother: Coming to Theaters 9.15.17!

With a concrete release date of September 15th, Kid Brother is officially slated for release at the Phoenix Theatres Laurel Park location in Michigan, with a special event being planned at the State Wayne Theatre on September 13th! This has been one of the hardest and best things I have ever been a part of, a truly surreal experience at which I still find my self marveling. My brother and I are thrilled to be able to realize this dream and take the first steps toward developing future projects.

Movies have always been one of the great loves of our lives, framing our dreams, hopes and goals since we were kids hunkered in bedrooms whispering about imagined Mad Max sequels, or working out no budget special effects for a high school mythology project, or simply basking in the escapist wonder of another world. And it is incredible to think that with Kid Brother we are, in some infinitesimal way, contributing a thread to the grand tapestry of cinema.

But we have more stories we want to tell. More threads we want to weave. And with a little luck and a lot of hard work, we may just manage to lengthen that tapestry a bit more.

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