What movie was that...?

Filmy Drinking Games

Bored? Do you want to play a game? Try these boots on for size.
Some general rules for that ass: 
1.Audible drinking call: Refers to a call to drink that any participating viewer can make during the viewing of the film in question. Audible must be agreed upon by a majority of participants.
2.Drink: Refers to beer or a mixed cocktail, not a shot of liquor. I’m not some kind of crazy ass.

My Week with Marilyn Drinking Game:
Note: film must be watched with someone over the age of 70 for these rules to properly apply.
Take a drink every time:
Eddie Redmayne simply stares into the camera as a response.
The elderly person watching with you laughs at a some old-timey witticism.
The elderly person watching with you starts telling you a story of when these real people were all alive together.
You realize the film has lost your attention.

Shaun of the Dead Drinking Game:
Take a drink every time:
Someone says Shaun or Liz (or Lizzie).
Someone says The Winchester.
Someone gets attacked.
A zombie gets hit or killed.

Finish your drink every time:
Someone says Zombie.

Predator 2 Drinking Game:

Take a drink every time:
Someone dies.

Danny Glover looks like he is about to say “I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.”

Danny Glover looks like his is actually getting too old for this shit.
You, for a split second, think you’re watching a shitty Lethal Weapon sequel.
You or anyone else watching the movie with you makes a crack about Predator not standing a chance if Riggs was around.

Finish your drink every time:
There’s a reference to another famous extra terrestrial film series.

Jersey Shore Drinking Game:
Take a drink every time:
You see abs.
Someone uses a nickname.

Note: Each drink must be taken whilst fist pumping. Beat that beat up!

Hot Tub Time Machine Drinking Game:
Take a drink every time:
Someone says Hot Tub (includes, Hot Tub Time Machine, Hot Tub, Tub, Tubbin, etc. Don’t be a technicality punk. You get the idea).
Someone says Fuck.
Someone takes a drink in the film.

Finish your drink whenever there’s a reference to the Karate Kid films (it’s okay to treat William Zabka’s cameo as a single incident).

The Big Lebowski Drinking Game:

Take a drink every time:
Someone says Fuck.
Someone says Dude.
Walter references Vietnam.

Finish your drink every time Walter says “Donnie, you’re out of your element!”

David Lynch films Drinking Game:
[Excludes The Elephant Man and A Straight Story]

Take a drink every time:
Something happens in the film that doesn’t make sense.
One of your group says “Wait- what?” or “I’m lost.” or “What the fuck is going on?” or “Dude, that’s effed up.”

Karate Kid Drinking Game:
Take a drink every time:
Danny Russo gets beat up.
Danny Russo looks beat up.
Whenever you see the Cobra Kai logo.
Every time some karate move is happening.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie Drinking Game:
Take a drink every time:
Someone yells/screams/exclaims.
Anytime someone says SpongeBob or Patrick’s name.

Audible drinking call:
Whenever something ridiculous happens (viewer’s discretion).

Depending on your interpretation, this is one of the hardest film drinking games out there.

Gladiator Drinking Game:
Two simple rules. Take a drink every time:
Someone dies.
Someone says Maximus.

Remember those coliseum sequences? Yeah, buddy.

Mario Kart Double Dash!! Drinking Game:
Like a bolt of kick ass lightning, we found a way to turn Double Dash!! into a drinking game (ah, college). Before I get into the rules, I need to get one thing clear: I don’t know all the nerdy, technical, lame names for all the traps and weapons, so I will be using my own (get over it).

Here’s how it works:
-If you come in first place, take 1 drink.
-If you come in last place, take 1 drink and yield the controller to racer on deck.

Take 1 drink when you hit each of these things (or they hit you):
-Green Koopa shells
-Red Koopa shells
-Booby trapped prizes boxes
-The blue spiky shell
-The Yoshi egg
-The Birdo egg

Take 2 drinks when you hit each of these things (or they hit you):
-A lightning bolt
-The big ass Bowser shell (take three drinks if you hit it while it isn’t moving at all)
-The Chain Chomp
-If someone collides with you while they have a star
-If someone collides with you while they have activated a mushroom (golden or regular)
-The Wario/Waluigi bomb
-Any banana of any size

Miscellaneous Rules:
-The hula hoop thing that the princesses get protects the racer from taking drink, as they can absorb the weapon.
-All drinks must be taken while the racer is racing, not stored up for later.
-All races must take place on the Baby Park track, as it maximizes the potential for destruction and evens the playing field. It is, however, acceptable to occasionally substitute the Baby Park with Rainbow Road or the Daisy Cruiser, as long as the substitution is infrequent and consensus is reached beforehand by the group of contributing racers.
-All characters must be randomized so that no racer can choose a preference, and whatever kart the computer assigns to you is the kart you are to use to race.

Give it a whirl, and if you aren’t convinced, then I don’t know what to tell you. If you have already developed your own version of this drinking game, I would love to hear about it.

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Drinking Game:
Take a drink:
Every time Juice says “Creep”
Every Time Juice holds/smokes a cigarette.
Every time a Garbage Pail Kid does her/his signature move.
Every time the State Home for the Ugly is mentioned.
Every time Anthony Newley (Captain Manzini) tries to impart some shitty, folky piece of wisdom or observation about civilized society.

Audible drinking call (viewer’s discretion):
Every time Dodger stutters.
Every time an actor appears on the screen for whom this pile was a professional high water mark.
Every time some awful 80s fashion is present on screen.

You’ll be sauced in no time. Trust me.